Friday, February 8, 2008

Getting Up Early: Week 2 - A Pathetic Performance

Is it possible that I managed to go to sleep almost a half hour earlier (10:19 pm average) and only get to work 4 minutes earlier on average? Who goes to sleep at 10 o'clock, sleeps 8 hours to the minute, and doesn't get to work until 8:30am? That's absurd.

I do workout in the morning (twice again this week) but regardless, I should make up for any late showings to my desk on the three non-workout days. Eight hours past 10 pm is 6 am, which begs the question, why is it taking me 2 hours to get to my desk when I live 25 minutes by foot and bus from my lab?

My goal is still to get to work, on average, at 8am every day. Not that hard, I know. In fact, my secret goal is to get to work by 7am eventually, but baby steps first. The chart shows my averages for going to sleep and getting to my desk for this week and Week 1. A list of all averages is below. Next week I'll push that red line down far, I garauntee it!

To Bed: 10:19 pm
Out of Bed: 6:23 am
Hours of Sleep: 7.99 hrs.
At work: 8:33 am
Tired: 3.8/10 (10 = very tired, 1 = very not)

Getting Up Early: My Experiment
Getting Up Early: Week 1

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