Sunday, May 11, 2008

How to Act Productive Tip #9: Get Pissed Off

Original Photo By: bubblemonkey

Here at Grad Hacker, we feel that simply being productive is not enough. What good is your inner, clandestine, productivity, if your bosses, colleagues, and you yourself don't really know the extent of just how unbelievably productive, busy, stressed, in a rush, and important you really are? For these, reasons, each weekend we will provide you with a tip on how to act productive.

This post goes out to one of the inspirations behind the How to Act Productive Series: George Costanza. (The other, and primary inspirations, however, are two individuals in the department that always walk fast. They seem so damn productive.)

George discovered the secret to looking like he was working hard while at the Yankee Organization: looking pissed off. This piece of advice is such a gem. If you're juggling one measily project right now, why on earth would you have a reason to be frustrated or annoyed? You wouldn't. But if you've juggling 15-20, you don't want anyone giving you lip. And if they do, you give it right back to them. And don't just look pissed off, get pissed off; might as well blow off some steam while you're acting productive.

Often, having your friends help you on your quest of acting productive by being pissed off is useful. When you walk away having said something cold, they can add "You know, he's just under a lot of stress right now." "This has nothing to do with you, he's just really busy." People will stop bothering you. But most of all, they'll look up to you.


Xue said...

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Bdizzy said...

Thanks xue! Wish I could read Finnish...