Sunday, April 13, 2008

How to Act Productive Tip #7 - Obsessively Follow GTD Methodology

Photos by: kadavy

Here at Grad Hacker, we feel that simply being productive is not enough. What good is your inner, clandestine, productivity, if your bosses, colleagues, and you yourself don't really know the extent of just how unbelievably productive, busy, stressed, in a rush, and
you really are? For these, reasons, each weekend we will provide you with a tip on how to act productive.

There's nothing more conducive to getting things done than Getting Things Done. So, productive people get their GTD on like it's going on sale. I'm not talking about generally accepting the paradigms in the book like capturing open loops, processing your inputs, and reviewing things weekly. I'm talking about distinguishing tasks that are @computer-internetwork from tasks better described by @computer-internetfun. I'm talking about making sure next action, context, project, and other lists are with you always on your hipsterPDA or real PDA (if you use both please email me and we can talk about it). I'm talking about making sure the only tasks you do during the day are next actions, not simply actions. I'm talking about making sure each one of those next actions are linked to a context, project, and any other next actions that may be dependent on them. I'm talking about actually having at least 100 manila folders handy at all times. I'm talking about making sure your label maker is within "swivel distance" of your chair. I'm talking about owning one of these. I'm talking about referring to David Allen by his first name, like he's your friend. Or better yet, as "The David" or simply "DA".

The bottom line: If you want to seem productive, you need to get your GTD on, turbo-charged.


Calvin said...

The importance of 100 manila filing folders cannot be understated.

Bdizzy said...

That's funny, I didn't notice Cal had posted that. So that serves to emphasize, once your stack goes below 100, you have to buy more. Otherwise you might run out.


Blake said...

So it's basically GTD on steroids! haha.

Might I suggest a stopwatch so you can time those 2 minute actions and make sure that's all they're taking!