Sunday, March 23, 2008

How to Act Productive Tip #4: Work Through Spring Break

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Here at Grad Hacker, we feel that simply being productive is not enough. What good is your inner, clandestine, productivity, if your bosses, colleagues, and you yourself don't really know the extent of just how unbelievably productive, busy, stressed, in a rush, and
you really are? For these, reasons, each weekend we will provide you with a tip on how to act productive.

Ah spring break. Sun, skin, MTV video cameras, uninhibited drinking of alcohol. This is what spring break is about - if you're lazy.

We all know the truth about spring break: it's a time to finally get some research done. Maybe you've heard that before, maybe you've ignored it, maybe you're grossly unproductive. But one thing, however, is for sure: even if you don't work through the entirety of spring break telling people how hard you worked all break long is a sure way to increase your perceived productivity. Of course, being productive is an important part of acting productive, and actually working through spring break while everyone else is having unbridled sexual escapades that they won't remember, is encouraged. But we understand that everyone slips up once in a while, that's why we think the most important part about spring break is to prepare for the "how was your break?" conversations, regardless of how hard you worked:

First, make a list of things you got done over the break, review the list (email us, we'll help you with your list at no charge). Try to include items that your friends have been trying to do themselves for a long time but haven't "got around to" doing.

Second, have at least one event in mind that you were invited to attend but skipped out on to ensure you aren't perceived as a loser. Multi day events in tropical locations are encouraged. Mentioning the event was attended by very attractive and rather out-of-your-league peers is very strongly encouraged.

Third, what should be a fundamental skill if you've read any of the tips in this series, always start the conversation off by asking about their break was, mentioning how you wish you could say the same, and expressing a resigned acceptance that it was so much more fun than yours.

Finally, if there is one person you have this conversation with, let it be your boss. Your boss is probably not cool enough, attractive enough, nor lazy enough, to have spent spring break at some tropical location, they were probably working too, but expected that you weren't. But you were, and you should say so. Or you weren't, but you should still say so. Set yourself apart from your peers and tell your boss.

Happy Spring Break.

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